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Does your customer behave like Generation Z?

My teenage son had to go to a party, nothing to worry about and yet ... suddenly in the late afternoon I saw a missed call from my son missed 15 seconds behind.

So very slightly worried, you never know, I'll call you right back: ... voicemail ...

Because I know that messages on Voicemail are not listened to, I send a follow-up app: "just missed, feel free to call back ..."

==> unfortunately no answer back.

In the evening, 5 hours later at 10 pm I still got a message back "it's already been solved" .... followed by ... the void ... no explanation.

Generation Z (born after 2000) hardly picks up the phone and also has a different perception of time regarding when a message will be answered. Always ASAP - AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. The older generation X among us calls back faster and answers emails relatively quickly. Sometimes with long epistles or explanations. We also wrote extensive essays at school.

Myself, Generation X (born 1961-1980 ) lived in an era where the fixed line was picked up unless you were not at home. What you still experience with the older generation, our parents, who are now 60+ 70+ 80+.

What if your customer no longer responds, even though you have had good contact or the relationship is normal? Are you going to shout louder? E-mail harder? Send an extra app or send a 3rd-4th-5th inmail via Linkedin?

Just like Generation Z, your customer gets distracted very quickly. On average, the average Z'er skips an ad 3 seconds faster than someone from the previous generations. Is your customer in 2022 really different?

Forget push marketing completely, just focus on Relevance.

Generation X's tactics have long since ceased to work for Y and Z. We are 30 years later.

If I had asked my son, "Should I come get you?" (= take away something), then I would have received an immediate response. I would have taken his time with friends.

So it is possible.

The solution is not quantity but relevance. Relevant here is something that he can lose or that threatens the status quo.

So what can you potentially take from your customer so that he or she has to respond? And translated to the business world: what makes that manager listen to you, simply because this is his job: assessing risks, keeping the ship on course. As the shareholders ask of him/her. To whom is he accountable, directly or indirectly?

When I ask my son: "how was your math exam?", I usually get an immediate answer. That is what the family (the proverbial shareholder here) asks. That things are going well at school and that we should not worry. So this question is relevant to the family rest. In our case then.

This marketing tactic: creating: a risk and indirectly accountability is what we will exchange information about in the next workshop.

Success in selling!


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