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How to connect with the change brain?

Suppose you go out on Saturday night and someone puts a sleeping pill in your drink without you noticing and ...

... the next morning you wake up in an unknown house in an unknown area and there is no one around to tell you what happened. You're wearing white pajamas and your clothes and smartphone are gone ...

Suppose your mind is not covered by fear... What happens in such a moment?

Your logical brain or the status quo brain shuts down, you no longer have anything to hold on to. You have to orienting yourself. You have no map or GPS.

You are going to pay attention to all the signals. You are in a state of receptivity. You are scanning the environment.

This is the moment when the brain starts making new links. You go outside and look for clues to find your way back home. You look for a church tower, you look at the street names, you scan the area. You are not busy with yourself. Your goal is to find your way home.

You don't feel the fatigue when you run, you are 100% focused on the outside world.

If you can suppress the fear you start perceiving in that moment with helicopter view, you become fluid, open.

In this moment your intuition is working, there is no other option. Your mind is abandoning you now. You are now catching the signals.

This is the change brain at work.

Ho do you connect to the change brain of your customer?

How can you apply this in approaching prospects? So that you get marketing and sales with a response?

If you can address your customer in this change brain, he/she is open to your input, your insights, your content, your questions, your messaging. Then your messages won't go unanswered or unread. Therefore, you must first kidnap the customer to a new unknown area. This way you can lead him/her to his/her changing brain.

Example: I compare selling and marketing to what we do on Tinder. How do you get the woman of your dreams to swipe right? Knowing that she is having a conversation with 10 other men at that moment? Are you going to push even harder? shout louder: "please answer me!" "do you want to kiss me?". She won't hear you. This is the world of asynchronous communication. You don't know when the other person will answer. Like on Whatsapp or Linkedin. This is a new area. It is a new space with other laws.

==> How do you deal with prospects that are not answering the phone?

Connections are then made that others do not immediately see. You eliminate the competition. You literally bring your customer into a new SPACE. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (Quote Star Trek).

Pyramid of Change: what changes is your customer confronted with? What is the impact on Strategy, Organisation, Solutions and Suppliers?

A common vision will emerge. The vision of an UBP (Unique Buying Proposition) and that is yours and the customer's. No one comes in between.

Do you want to experience this? we use these principles in every advisory process. That is also a sales process. Otherwise it will not be implemented.

Your customer must be able to absorb your idea, make it their own. You help your customer to tap into his change brain.

As long as you don't do that, you can't even sell: in the sense of selling a new solution or service that the customer doesn't know yet and about which he/she has not yet made a decision. (Hunting, cold acquisition)

Therefore, user cases, case studies on your website are of little use. They may be there, but that is more for the customers who have already decided to work with you. They are looking for confirmation.

As long as that is not the case, the customer reads these user cases - perhaps with sincere interest - but with the wrong brain: the status quo brain. And won't even change anymore. 'I'm, not ready for it yet'.

It's these insights that will get you 2X to 3X more response. With sales increases of 200% and even 300%. This is achievable if you gain access to the customer's change brain. Even if you are in competitive markets.

Feel free to contact me if you want to see this worked out. You can also first have a free Marketing & Sales - Scan done.

This topic will be further developed in the workshop - strategy session. Some additional ideas and stories will be sent to your mailbox shortly.

Success in selling!

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